This post explains how you can install Redis on your Mac OS X system. It's a "NoSQL" key-value data store.The closest analog is Memcached, but with built-in persistence (snapshotting or journaling to disk) and more datatypes.

Install Homebrew (see article for details..)

brew update
brew install redis

Create Configuration File

Create a configuration file so you can make changes to your configuration.

config file:

#create file:
nano  /usr/local/redis.conf

# insert into file:
daemonize yes
logfile /usr/local/var/log/redis.log
dir /usr/local/var/redis
port 6379

Manual Start/Stop

#start the Redis server.
redis-server /usr/local/redis.conf &

#stop the Redis server.
killall redis-server

Testing Redis with cli

For more information using Redis commands

redis-cli ping
> pong
#simple test set and get key
redis-cli> SET pippo hello
"ok"> GET pippo
"hello world"

Install php

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